How to Find the Right CFI Certified Flight Instructor

You've Decided To Learn To Fly, Now You Need To Learn How To Find The Right CFI Certified Flight Instructor

Student of CFI Guy Arizona Patrick Keith WilliamsHow To Find The Right CFI Certified Flight Instructor.  "So, you’ve decided you want to learn how to fly?" Now all you have to do is open the yellow pages, find a nearby flight school and you will be on your way with your professional flight instructor who meets all your expectations and loves to fly as much as he or she loves teaching.” That is the way it works in a perfect world. Unlike golf clubs or your first car, flight instruction is something most people have never shopped for in their entire life. Here are some short tips to assist you with how to the right CFI Certified Flight Instructor. It may be unrealistic to expect much from instructors who may not have much experience or knowledge, don’t want to be doing what they are doing and aren’t being compensated very well… Keep in mind that a good CFI is worth his weight in airplane parts. Once you find one, treat them well. Pay them what they are worth and sing their praises. A good CFI seldom gets the credit they deserve.

What Makes an Instructor Good?

Many people have many different stories about how bad their flight instructor was. They most generally use the same words to describe the good ones. Almost always a good CFI is described as comfortable in the cockpit and knowledgeable. The rapport between an instructor and their student is critical for safety. Every CFI has their own teaching methods, you need to be comfortable with your CFI.

Finding a Good Instructor.

You need to understand upfront that finding a good instructor could take time and effort. You should take the approach that finding your flight instructor as if your life depended on it because potentially it does! Visit flight schools in your area. Observe how the employees treat customers, are they courteous? Are the aircraft in good repair? Does the school appear to be orderly and professionally run? A higher cost to become a pilot doesn’t mean better training. The difference in instructors is not based on their flight time. The only difference that counts is to find one who likes to instruct. Once you decide on the school, spend some time with your instructor, ask for references and ask questions. Are they comfortable and calm in the cockpit? Knowledgeable? Do they set a good example? Are they creative and fun? Do they take the time to explain things and discuss student performance with the student? Are they eager to fly in actual conditions that are appropriate for the rating you are seeking? Be critical. If the references are less than enthusiastic and you don’t feel comfortable, then ask if there is someone else you can fly with. Learning to fly ought to be an enjoyable and exciting experience. A good CFI will make you work, challenging you and will have an increasing number of exacting standards appropriate to your ability level, however, you should never experience uneasy or belittled feelings or wonder if your success as a pilot is essential to that instructor. If you are uncomfortable with your instructor, exchange instructors immediately. It might also simply be a character clash, or your teacher may have a terrible mindset or may also even be downright unsafe in the cockpit. In any case, if you are tense, uncomfortable or scared during the lesson you will no longer be gaining knowledge of anything. Continuing with a CFI you are not comfortable with will cost you time and money. You could potentially give up on your dream of becoming a pilot or worst case scenario it could end your life. Rod Machado, a well know national flight instructor and author, states the top 3 questions to ask a potential flight instructor in your pursuit of how to find the right CFI Certified flight Instructor are:
  1. Why did you become a flight instructor?
  2. What are the chances of your being hired by an airline or another aviation company in the next six months?
  3. How many private pilots have you trained, and how many have passed their check ride on the first attempt?

Why I am a Good Instructor

cfi guy arizona patrick williams with student in C-172I took my first flight lesson in 1985 and had no guide on how to find the right CFI Certified Flight Instructor.   Over the years I have had more than my fair share of flight instructors.  I've had good ones, and I've had bad ones.  The good ones were more concerned with making me a safe, competent pilot.  From those, I have learned a fair amount about the art of flying, professionalism, and being safe.  From the bad ones I have learned what to look for.  As a flight instructor, my only goal is to teach you how to be the best pilot that you can be.  I am not trying to build time to become an airline pilot, and I am not stuck in the past using outdated techniques and methods of learning.  Everything I do is focused on your unique style of learning and being your partner toward your aviation goals. If you are interested in learning more about me, give me a call.  My phone number is 602-633-5354.  Please leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP if I am with a student.  I look forward to talking to you and being an aid along your path to becoming a true aviator. If you are truly interested in how to find the right CFI (certified flight Instructor) I hope you will give me an opportunity to show you why I am the best one that fits your need.  As CFI GUY Arizona I am based here in Arizona but I take on clients nationwide and worldwide.  Come join me in the Arizona sunshine and learn how to fly. If you need help with how to find the right CFI Certified Flight Instructor in your area give me a call.  I know CFI's across the country and I'm sure I can steer you toward a good one.