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CFI Guy Arizona LogoCFI Guy Arizona Galleries is the place where flight instruction memories are displayed.  CFI Guy Arizona, AKA Patrick Keith Williams, is not only a top rate FAA Certified Flight Instructor, he is also an avid photographer.  Some would call him a picture taking fool, but he likes to think of it as, through his picture taking and displays in his CFI Arizona Galleries he is documenting the memories of his flight instruction journey and that of his students as they learn to fly..   Patrick likes to document his flights with a student from the beginning.  Starting with the Discovery flight where a potential student might be climbing into a training aircraft for the first time.  Then as long as Patrick is his/her instructor they can expect photos of the flight training journey.

Through the CFI Arizona Galleries, you get a slight glimpse into the training process employed by Patrick from the beginning.  His students are hands-on from the first flight.  many are excited and a little bit nervous, but they all have a great time during the experience.  For some this will be their only time of piloting a small aircraft, for others, this is the beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime, the journey of pilothood.

One of the joys of flight is being able to see breathtaking scenery.  In the CFI Guy Arizona Galleries, there is a section of scenery that can only be taken from the air, on a flight training mission, or cross-country flights.  Conducting flight instruction in Arizona only adds to this experience as the desert and mountains of the SouthWest are breathtaking. When visiting other airports during the cross-country phase of a students training there are always unique picture taking opportunities.   There are always photos to take and CFI Guy Arizona attempts to take them.

CFI Guy Arizona Galleries

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